June 23, 2018

Notting Hill Methodist Church is part of the Methodist Church of Great Britain, and we are a fairly typical inner-London congregation. Many of us have lived in the local area for many years, and quite a few of our more elderly members came here from the Caribbean decades ago.

We now exhibit a wide diversity of age, ethnicity and culture, and we rejoice that we are differently made! Our Church mezzanine displays the many flags of all the different countries and islands that our congregation comes from.

We are a small, but dedicated, group of Christians. Our Church may never be the best organised, but what we lack in certain respects, we more than make up for in fellowship, mutual support and pastoral care.

We have a fine tradition, in recent decades, of pioneering work in the Church and local community in combating racism, campaigning on local social issues and initiating new community ventures. We were instrumental in setting up the Notting Hill Housing Trust, the Blenheim Project and the Kensington and Chelsea Social Council, for instance.

Most of all, we seek to remain faithful to our calling as Christian disciples and to see how we might grow in holiness and the knowledge of God, and be better neighbours to those around us.