August 11, 2022

Our worship is designed to make us aware of God’s presence, to inspire us for the week ahead and to challenges us to see our lives as God sees them. We use traditional and contemporary hymns, normally accompanied by the organ or keyboard. Listening to what God has to say to us in the readings and the sermon are central elements in the service. Any member of the congregation, who wishes to pray for an individual in need, or for a local or world problem, can offer a prayer. Each service is planned by a team, consisting of the preacher and two other members of the congregation, and has a theme that links the various parts of the worship. We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month.

We welcome to the church those who are seeking to discover more about what the Christian faith means. People are free to come and be part of the congregation in as quiet and anonymous a way as they wish. However some want to join a group at which the basic elements of the Christian faith are explained and discussed. We hold groups like this every so often. The minister is also available to meet with anyone who asks to talk over matters of belief or personal concern.

Most people have problems in their lives. The church community is a place where you can find support in times of need. The minister and others are available to talk confidentially, either at the church or in their home, to anyone who requests such a conversation, and we have a team of pastoral visitors who will come to meet you in your home if that would be helpful.


We occasionally hold series of groups on particular topics.  These one-off series sometimes coincide with a part of the Christian year like Lent or Advent, or are in response to specific requests from the congregation.

In our Bible Study groups, usually held weekly, we first of all ask what the Bible passage under discussion meant in its original situation and straightforward teaching is given about the background to it. We then bring our own experience to bear on the passage and help each other to work out what it might be saying to us today and how it might challenge or encourage us in our lives.

We have a full and active programme for young people. This includes a programme of Christian education at the same time as the Sunday morning service.

Bible Study meets every Thursday (excepting holidays), at the Church between 2.30-4pm. After a brief devotion, we usually look at a particular book of the Bible and together try to see what we might learn for our own lives.